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Aquasoft - Cascade Water Softners

Water Softeners

At Cascade Water Softeners Kent, we believe that quality soft water directly impacts the quality of your family’s life.

Aquasoft - Cascade Water Softners

Drinking Water

Our drinking water filters remove impurities and other contaminants from your tap water.

Aquasoft - Cascade Water Softners

Service & Repairs

Our team of engineers provide a full range of maintenance and repair services.

Aquasoft - Cascade Water Softners


We can provide a wide variety of water solutions, from office water coolers to hospitality equipment.

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Soft Water

By using soft water you can add more than three years to the longevity of most of your appliances — and save yourself the expense of replacing them much sooner than you expected.

Actually, a water softener is the only household appliance that can save you money by using it. Using soft water can reduce water heating bills up to 29%. Soft water also requires 50% to 75% less detergent to do laundry and dishes, not to mention the hours of housework saved by eliminating mineral deposits and soap scum on your fixtures. The average savings are £10 -£15 a month per person.

Aquasoft - Cascade Water Softners


Increase in average appliance lifespan with Soft Water


Reduction in usage of soap & lotion with Soft Water


Increase in average lifespan of electric or gas water heaters


Pounds of optential saving per year with water softners

Authorised dealer for the three top brands

Aquasoft - Cascade Water Softners
Aquasoft - Cascade Water Softners
Aquasoft - Cascade Water Softners

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We welcome enquiries at any time and experienced members of the team are always on hand to answer questions. Contact us at Cascade Water Softeners Kent to arrange your no obligation quotation.

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