We all lead busy lives and it can be tough keeping on top of all the chores, what with work and family time taking priority. Few people want to spend their precious spare time cleaning so anything that can make the process quicker and easier is a good thing, right?

The good news is that cleaning is much easier with a water softener.

Unlike soft water, hard water contains a high concentration of dissolved minerals such as calcium and magnesium. These minerals will cause limescale, water marks and soap scum to build up on surfaces, all of which can take a lot of scrubbing and harsh abrasive cleaning agents to remove. Even after cleaning, the surfaces can be left dull and without their natural shine. 

As the water softening process will remove the calcium and magnesium, you will no longer get this build up. Even better, over time the softened water will naturally dissolve away any deposits of limescale that you may start with meaning that it is a truly effortless way to keep your surfaces sparkling clean. 

Less buildup = less cleaning = more time for the more important things in life. What’s not to like?

So that’s a tick in the box for time saving but are there any other benefits?

One of the biggest problems with hard water is that, due to the mineral content, it doesn’t work so well with detergents. Soap contains sodium salt which binds to these minerals producing insoluble calcium or magnesium stearate (also known as soap scum) which is then left to build up on surfaces. With soft water, there are no minerals to bind to so no soap scum is produced. Detergents also do not lather so well with hard water which means that you will use more and more product to have an effective result. Soft water on the other hand creates a fantastic lather all whilst using less detergent. Coupled with the fact that you would no longer need to use any form of descaler at all, the cost implications when it comes to having soft water in your home are clear to see. 

This is how the figures for the average family four’s monthly spend add up:

Helping you save time and money, there is no argument that when it comes to cleaning a water softener really is a great addition to both your home and life.