You are probably aware of how hard water can affect your home, with limescale buildup and soap scum causing some very visible problems, but did you know that it can also impact the condition of your skin and hair?

Read on to find out more on the beautiful benefits of softened water.

First, the science bit…

Unlike soft water, hard water contains dissolved minerals which can build up on surfaces. Hard water does not work effectively with soap, leaving a film on surfaces which is difficult to rinse away. You can see therefore how hard water can therefore contribute to a whole host of skin and hair problems, including dry skin, acne and limp and lifeless hair. Not just affecting the feel and appearance of your skin and hair, the issues that hard water causes also mean that you need to use far more products, both in order to clean and also to counteract the problems caused in the first place. By having a water softener installed in your home however you can avoid these issues; using less products yet still looking the very best version of yourself.   

Soft water for soft skin

There are several reasons why soft water makes your skin silky soft and smooth. The minerals in hard water cause your skin to lose moisture which can lead to conditions such as dry skin and eczema. Hard water also makes soap less effective, leaving behind a residue on the skin which can make it feel itchy and dry. Soft water works far better with soap, lathering and rinsing away beautifully leaving skin soft, smooth and glowing and without the need for excessive use of moisturisers.

Soft water for clear skin

Skin itchiness and dryness is not the only problem when using hard water, it can also clog your pores and result in the overproduction of oils leading to breakouts and acne. Soft water won’t dry your skin and strip it of its natural oils, leading to beautifully clear skin and fewer breakouts.

Soft water for healthy hair

Hard water and shampoo just don’t work well together. It is difficult to get a good lather and it doesn’t rinse out properly, building up on your hair and leaving it dull, limp and hard to style. This may cause you to wash your hair more frequently in order to remove the residue however this can have the opposite effect, exacerbating the problem and resulting in further buildup. The buildup of minerals will also mean that less moisture can effectively enter the hair shaft resulting in frizzy, coarse and dry hair which requires more conditioning products. Hard water can also make your scalp feel dry, itchy and uncomfortable. Soft water on the other hand does not allow minerals and residue to build up, lathers beautifully with shampoo, and rinses clean away leaving your hair and feeling silky smooth and manageable and your scalp soothed and refreshed.

Soft water for vibrant hair

If you are among the many people who regularly dye your hair, you may have noticed that your hair has a hard time retaining the colour. This means more time and money spent at the hairdressers or on home colouring kits, far more frequently than you should have to. This is because the minerals in hard water deposit and build up on the hair shaft, often causing hair to turn a brassy tone and the resulting frequent hair washing will also cause the colour to fade more quickly. With softened water there is no build up, less shampoo and fewer rinses meaning that your colour can stay fabulous for longer.

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