Water softeners do not just make a huge difference in your home, they also play an important part in helping your business run at its best. From drinking water dispensers to steam oven filtration systems, where there is water, there are several commercial water solutions that we can provide. 

Here are some examples of a few of the industries we work with:


There are many services within the hotel industry that we can help with to ensure things work more smoothly and to provide guests with the best possible experience.

For a start, there are generally an awful lot of water outlets in the average hotel as there are not only bathrooms connected to every room, but also kitchens, bars, restaurants and laundries to be considered. With limescale and soap scum buildup potentially being a problem in each of these areas, this will create a great deal of work for the cleaning staff to keep looking good as well as requiring a lot of cleaning materials and scale removers. A large scale water softening system servicing the whole hotel will remove the minerals from the hard water which causes the problems in the first place. An obvious solution in order to save on time and money.

In the guest rooms themselves there are many areas in which a water softener will help too. A good night’s sleep is top of the list for most guests and this is only possible when the bed linen is soft and comfortable. Using hard water in the laundry can leave fabrics feeling rough and will age them quickly whereas soft water will keep them soft and at their best for far longer. Guests also appreciate being able to take a bath or shower in comfort so softened water can also ensure this happens. With soft water guests will be able to experience more lather and beautifully soft skin and hair all whilst being able to dry themselves with soft, fluffy towels. As lather is often seen as a luxury when bathing, its absence can adversely affect a guest’s opinion of the bathroom facilities of the hotel.

Down in the bars and restaurants connected to the hotel, water that has been passed through a filtration system will not just ensure clear ice, better tasting drinks and glasses and crockery without unsightly mineral deposits, but will also ensure that the appliances used will work more efficiently, use less energy and last far longer.

Restaurants and bars

As well as those mentioned above, most restaurants will also see the benefits of softened water in a lot of the equipment and appliances found in their kitchens.

Commercial dishwashers and glass washers are just some of the appliances particularly affected by limescale, as they use hot water, high pressure and they heavily rely on balanced usage of chemicals. Many kitchens also use steam oven filtration systems (CTU) and by having a steamer water filtration unit installed prevents and reduces scale in steamers, combi ovens, and proofer ovens thus stopping steam equipment problems before they start. These appliances are costly to replace so ensuring a long life span is vital.

Offices and Leisure Centres

These are places where there is a need for quality drinking water, for both staff members and those people who are using facilities. Installing commercial water solutions such as water coolers and instant boiling water dispensers are therefore great options to ensure that everyone stays hydrated.

Every Business

Hospitals, laundries, nursing homes, window cleaners, hairdressers… 

There are few businesses that couldn’t benefit in some way from a water filtration system. 

With the obvious benefits to staff and patrons, the savings to be made in detergents, maintenance, water and energy can only be a good thing.

With the emphasis on hand hygiene during the current COVID-19 crisis, our parent company, Aqua Soft are also now installing the Sterizen range of mobile handwashing units, helping to keep staff, customers and visitors safe.

At Cascade we can offer a full range of commercial water solutions for your business from custom design, build, and installations to servicing and repairs. Please give us a call or send us an inquiry and we can talk you through the options available.