The A-Z of Cascade Water Softeners!

A is for Aqua, the Latin word for water. At Cascade Water Softeners we’re all about water, providing a range of water treatment and filtration services for both domestic and commercial applications.

B is for Beauty. You will enjoy softer, more silky hair and revitalised, moisturised, bright looking skin when you use softened water.

C is for Cleaning. With softened water, there is no limescale or soap scum buildup to worry about making cleaning your house far quicker and easier.

D is for Detergent. Softened water reacts much better with detergents meaning that you will need to use far less to get the same effect.

E is for EcoWater. EcoWater water softeners are smart, reliable and efficient and we are one of the leading suppliers in Kent.

F is for Filter. There are various types of water filters available to suit your requirements. Give us a call and we’d be happy to talk you through your options.

G is for Great investment. A water softener is one of the few appliances that will actually save you money!

H is for Harveys. We are proud to say that we are one of Kent’s leading Harvey Water Softener suppliers. 

I is for Installation. Our team are fully trained and experienced in installing a wide range of water filtration units and solutions of all sizes.

J is for Job. No job is too big or small! We’ve worked on small domestic installations right through to large commercial projects.

K is for Kinetico. We are one of Kinetico’s chosen experts in installing their water softeners.

L is for Limescale. The chalky buildup which happens as a result of the minerals in hard water being heated. By having a water filtration system fitted you can remove these minerals from your water and avoid the problem!

M is for Money. An average family of four can save around £600 per year on products and energy bills by having a water softener installed.

N is for No More Soap Scum. Hard water will result in a build up of soap scum on surfaces including your hair and skin! Not an issue when you use softened water.

O is for Odour (and taste). Water filtration systems remove bad smells and tastes from your drinking water resulting in a much more enjoyable and refreshing drink.

P is for Plastics. In particular the single use variety. Filtered tap water means no need to buy bottles of water at the shop thus cutting down on your plastic use and helping the environment.

Q is for Quality. All of our products and services are of the highest quality.

R is for Reverse Osmosis. A fantastic type of water filtration system which will remove even the tiniest of impurities from your water.

S is for Sanitisation. Our parent company Aqua Soft’s Sterizen range of hygiene products are the perfect solution for all of your mobile hand washing and sanitisation needs.

T is for Tap Water. Do you know what is in yours? Have peace of mind by having a water filtration system installed and get rid of any impurities that are present.

U is for Utility Bills. Softened water = no limescale = more efficient boilers = money to be saved on your energy bills.

V is for Value. Saving you money on bills and products and helping your appliances to work better and last longer, a water softener is a great investment.

W is for Washing Machine. Softened water will not create limescale buildup meaning your machine will work better and last longer. Plus you will need less detergent and no fabric softener so there is money to be saved!

X is for (e)Xperts. Our team combines over 40 years of experience in the water softening industry. From humble beginnings, we have grown a reputation as one of the South East’s leading water treatment specialists.

Y is for Yes. Contact us at Cascade Water Softeners and say ‘yes!’ to having a water softener installed today!

Z is for Zzzz. By installing a water filtration unit  you can sleep easy at night knowing that the water servicing your home or business is safe and of high quality.