The washing machine is an extremely important household appliance in the modern home. One which we can take for granted until it breaks down and we are left with no clean clothes and overfull laundry baskets! It goes without saying that anything that you can do to not just preserve the life of your washing machine, but to improve its efficiency has to be a good thing. Add to that potential cost savings and you are on to a winner. This is why softened water and your washing machine are a match made in heaven.

No more limescale

Hard water contains high quantities of the minerals magnesium and calcium which combine to make limescale when heated. Limescale is a chalky deposit which will build up on, not just the surfaces that you can see, but also inside your washing machine and on the heating element. The more limescale that builds up, the less efficient your machine will be. This means that it will use more energy and it could also reduce the lifespan of the machine. Softened water does not contain these minerals. By installing a water softener in your home will mean that you will not need to deal with the adverse effects of limescale.

Softer clothes 

The minerals in hard water can aggravate the fibres of your clothing and linens, leaving them rough and faded. By using softened water your fabrics will look and feel far better for longer, all without the need for adding extra fabric conditioners.

Less detergent

Hard water does not combine well with soaps and detergents. This means that you will need to use 50% more than with softened water to have the same effect. As the laundry detergent does not rinse away properly, you are also left with a buildup on the fabrics which can leave them looking dull and also aggravate skin conditions.

Cost savings

We’ve already mentioned the improved energy efficiency, the lack of need for fabric softeners and the need for less detergents so there are some obvious cost savings to be had. It’s also worth noting that you will also not need to use descalers on your machine which can be expensive. The biggest saving of all is that with softened water and your washing mashing, the lifespan of your machine will be much greater so there will be no need to shell out on replacements so often.

All in all, it’s definitely worth treating your washing machine right by investing in a water softener. We have a range of water softeners for all homes and budgets. Please get in touch and we will be able to talk you through your options.