Happy, hydrated staff are productive staff so it makes perfect sense to supply your team with access to great quality drinking water. In fact, the benefits of a water cooler in your workplace are numerous. Read on to find out more…

Great tasting water

It goes with out saying that the biggest benefit of having a water cooler in your workplace is that the water tastes great. With a filtration system in place, any nasty flavours and odours are removed and the water is chilled to the perfect drinking temperature.

Hydrated and productive staff

It is a proven fact that we need to stay well hydrated in order for our brain to work at its best. When your brain is functioning on a full reserve of water, you will be able to think faster, be more focused, and experience greater clarity and creativity. Definitely the qualities that you would aim for in your staff!

Endless supply

With a water cooler that is plumbed in to your system, you need never run out of great tasting water.

A reminder to keep drinking

In a busy workplace, it is easy to forget to keep yourself hydrated sometimes. Having a water cooler on view however serves as a great reminder to keep your glass of water topped up.

Environmentally friendly

With great tasting water available on tap, there is no need to buy bottle of mineral water in single use plastic bottles. A great way to help the environment. A water cooler is also good for your company image as it shows that you care about both your staff and the environment.


Having a water cooler installed in your workplace means no need to go to the kitchen to get a glass of water or to the shop to buy bottled water. As part of the rental agreement, we will also carry out regular servicing meaning that your own maintenance is minimal.

If you would like to experience the benefits of a water cooler in your workplace, please get in contact and find out more!