We are pleased to have been selected as one of the very few authorised dealers for the brand new Minimax Innova water softener!

Improved Design

Minimax has introduced the next generation in water softeners with its improved design, eco-features and robust testing. The new cutting edge Minimax Innova Water Softener is designed and manufactured in Britain, specifically for our plumbing systems. With its twin cylinder design you can enjoy softened water 24/7. Only available through trusted dealers, we are expertly placed to give you the best advice for your home and needs. With the 10 years parts warranty, you have the confidence it’s a product built to last.

Outstanding Features

The Minimax Innova comes with a whole host of features:

  • 10 year parts warranty
    Minimax Water Softeners come with a 10 year parts warranty as they are made to last.
  • Most environmentally friendly cabinet
    New recycling technology allows the Minimax Innova to use 65% recycled plastic in its cabinet material.
  • Twin cylinder design
    Guaranteed fresh softened water 24 hours a day
  • Non-electric
    No timers, motors, adjustments or complicated programming.
  • Curved block salt
    The latest curved block salt system allows more salt capacity in the water softener.
  • Accurate metering
    Displacement meters mean accurate regeneration, low salt costs and efficient water usage.
  • WRAS approved
    Reliable and fully tested.
  • British design
    Hand built in the UK and carefully engineered to cope with the all British plumbing systems.


The Minimax Innova water softener cabinet is made from 62% recycled plastic. It also uses 38% less plastic than earlier products thanks to design improvements. The recycled plastic is Pre Consumer Waste plastic and comes from moulds for making contact lenses. These moulds are ordinarily single use and would become waste once used. But with new technology the manufacturer is able to re-purpose this plastic for the Minimax Innova.

Latest Curve Salt

The Minimax Innova Water Softener uses the latest Curve block salt to function.

Don’t miss out – Contact us to book your home survey today and find what the Minimax Innova water softener can do for you!