We all love a good cup of tea but making one with unfiltered water can give an unpleasant taste as well as a scummy appearance. Water Softener manufacturer, Kinetico, are on a mission this month to get the world creating the perfect cuppa every time. Read on to find out how a water softener can help.

What causes the scum on the water when I make a hot drink?

When you make a nice hot cup of tea or coffee, you may have noticed a layer of scum floating at the top which has a bit of an oily appearance. This scum can form a type of grime which sticks to your cups over time, especially if you leave the cups for extended periods with the tea or coffee in them. Like many people, you may be wondering what it is. Scientists have been researching the topic extensively and in 1994, Researchers at Imperial College Chemistry Department made a bit of a breakthrough. The research shows that the scum on tea is composed primarily of calcium carbonate (a large component of limescale) and the rest is a mixture of complex organic chemicals or minerals. This makes it a much bigger problem if you live in a hard water area.

Why does this happen with hard water?

In a hard water area the water has a greater concentration of calcium and magnesium minerals which work together to change the water’s composition. As soon as you heat this now-hard water at home, either in an appliance such as a kettle or through your heating system, those minerals turn into limescale and cling to whatever they can.

How can a water softener help?

When you install a water softener, it removes the magnesium and calcium from your water supply as it enters your home. This means that the water you boil in your kettle won’t lead to limescale building up and will mean that your tea remains scum free every time.

What can Kinetico do for me?

Years of knowledge, expertise, and experience in the water solutions market means Kinetico is a brand you can trust. Their systems are built to last and the Premier Compact Water Softener even comes with a 10-year warranty to give you peace of mind. There is a Kinetico water softener for every household, no matter the size. A Kinetico water softener uses the kinetic energy of water to power the unit, making it both economical to use and environmentally friendly. Their systems also monitors water usage and only processes your water when needed, eliminating waste and minimising energy use.

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